“Be Present”: Rakia Reynolds Shares Advice As A Mother & Entrepreneur

Happy Mother’s Day! As we celebrate the incredible mothers around us, we are excited to highlight our inspiring friend, Rakia Reynolds. A former TV producer, Rakia is now a mother of 3, the Founder & Executive Officer of Skai Blue Media, Fan Of Your Brand, and Evryday Jane. Rakia is also a Forbes contributor and an Official Member of the Forbes Agency Council, among many other roles. She has worked with clients including Serena Williams and Ashley Graham, and is passionate about visual media. We had the opportunity to ask Rakia about her experiences as a mother and as an entrepreneur. Check out her feature below! 

Q: What does being a mother mean to you?

Rakia: “I've always viewed motherhood as a spiritual assignment from God. I'm so blessed to have been given one of these incredible assignments, and the children assigned to me are the greatest gift. It is a sacred privilege to be able to extend your legacy, and I'm so lucky to have triple the extension!” 

Q: How do you find a balance devoting your time as an entrepreneur and as a mom? 

Rakia: “The balance between business and family is a constant work-in-progress. I always make sure to be mindful to set aside time to dedicate to my family, and when I spend time with them, I am always sure to be present. That being said, I also remind myself to accept that I may not always be able to do everything at once, because it's important to give yourself the latitude to manage what you can.”

Q: What lessons do you hope to share with your children? And what is something your children have taught you?

Rakia: “I hope to teach my children what it means to truly make an impact in this world, and to cultivate their own legacies on their own. Each of my three children are unique and beautiful, and as a mother my goal is to teach them to embrace their individuality.  Conversely, my children have taught me so much about life. Through them I have learned how to be patient, reflective, slow down, and the true meaning and difference between joy and happiness.”

Q: What do you root your identity in?

Rakia: “I have rooted my identity in many ways. I am a mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend, Black woman, business owner, creator, and much more. All these roles are aspects and essential parts of my identity and together, give me passion and energy to live life to the fullest extent while dreaming of more.”

Thank you for speaking with us! Follow Rakia’s journey on IG @rakiareynolds. Check out her brands: @SkaiBlueMedia @evrydayjane @fanofyourbrand

Photography by Rakia Reynolds