NBR Stylist & Color Specialist, Erica Sargent On Starting Her Own Business & Her Passion For NBR

Erica DeMasters Sargent is a Cosmetologist, NBR Stylist, and Color Specialist who will be opening her studio salon, Copper Crown soon! She shared with us her dream of having her own business, and the lessons she has learned throughout her career journey. She also gave us her top 3 essential hair tips and advice on getting your hair colored. Check out her profile feature below to learn more! 

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself!

Erica: “Hi, I’m Erica! I have a beautiful little family. My husband Timothy and Ezra, my son who’s almost 2! He is such a character who always keeps mom and dad on their toes! 

I’ve had my cosmetology license now for 6 years and just this year, through Covid-19, my husband and I decided to take a leap of faith and open up my own salon! It has been so much work but we are already starting to see a great reward. 

I’ve always loved the idea of being free of working for someone else. The way I see it is, this is my life. My decisions, my rules. So having my own business is something I’ve always sought for and I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s hard work but you learn amazing lessons and come out so much stronger. I think what I love most about my journey is it’s a sure way to see what I am made of. I get to learn so much about myself and how strong I am. If I could give anything to my son Ezra and future kiddos it would be, to be the author of your life. You aren’t held back by anyone but yourself. You are capable. To be an example to him in this way is so incredibly gratifying. And having Timothy, a husband who is just as strong and always there and willing to work with me, we are unstoppable!”

Q: Can you share about how you became a NBR Stylist and Color Specialist? And your career journey as a cosmetologist? 

Erica: “My journey to be a Cosmo was slow going at first! Haha! I started cosmetology school at Paul Mitchel when I was 24. I tried the traditional school  route several times but just would flip flop on a major and though I ALWAYS loved to do hair, it didn’t dawn on me at first and one day I was talking to a friend who simply said, ‘Erica, you love all things hair. Why not go to hair school?’ It was like lights going off in my head! Sometimes the answer is just right there in front of you. So I went to PM and had the best experience! I became a Phase 2 student which was amazing! And then after graduating I just dove right into a salon in my hometown. Booth rent, no real experience as a booth renter but I did it and learned as I went. 

With becoming an NBR stylist, I’ve always loved hair extensions. I offered a few techniques at that same salon but just couldn’t get behind them 100% Also, with having a hair platform, I came to learn of NBR, Natural Beaded Rows. And I learned of this technique about a year into my cosmo career. The class tuition was so expensive so I literally put a pin in it and told myself when the money was there, no matter mine and Tim’s situation, that we would agree to do it! So year after year I would put myself on the waitlist and year after year I would wave it on by. But with each year that passed I grew increasingly passionate about the technique and FINALLY was able to pay for the class earlier this year! I got accepted into the program and have been in a  challenging 6 month training. Come November I will be an official NBR stylist! It is the BEST hair extensions technique on the planet!” 

Q: What tips would you give to someone who is wanting to get their hair colored for the first time? Top 3 essential hair tips in general? 

Erica: (1) Hair Vitamins and water! It’s a sure thing. (2) Invest in a great hair care line. Years down the road, your hair will thank you! Trust me! Invest in your hair, invest in you. (3) When you find a good stylist, stick with her and listen to her advice. Especially when wanting to go lighter, it’s never an overnight process. Good things take time. Your first session with that stylist may not be where you want your hair to be but when going light, a good stylist’s number one goal is to keep the integrity of your hair. This should be your number one goal as well. Allow your hair to get there gradually. Enjoy the journey and never trust a stylist that says she can get you platinum in one session!

Q: Your blog is called “Sargents in Season” - What’s one piece of clothing that you would consider to always be in season? 

Erica: “I could be doing a lot better on the blog front, that’s for sure!!! But one piece of clothing I would consider to always be in season would be midi dresses! I am a very feminine dresser, and I’m petite as well! Wish I was taller!! Haha! But rain or shine, cold or hot, I’ve always loved a great midi dress. Cap sleeve, tank, long sleeve versions are all great! They give my petite figure the illusion that I’m taller!”

Q: You have a passion for fashion and food!! What is your go-to outfit to wear? Go-to food recipe to cook? 

Erica: "I absolutely LOVE Rachel Parcell’s collection at Nordstrom. I never miss a release date and I’m always sure to snag pieces from each season  release! I can jump into a dress or T-Shirt and pants and feel the most confident in her clothes! Anything Rachel Parcell! So hard to choose one. My go to food recipe would be my rosemary and lemon butter salmon! Timothy and I have a garden of herbs and we love rosemary in everything! I will need to do a post on this!" 

Q: What have been the most valuable lessons you’ve learned while being in your 30’s? 

Erica: “I am here. Enjoy it. My biggest complaint as a child and young adult was always, ‘I can’t wait till I’m old enough!’  Well, I’m here, I’m 30, and rather than talking about life needing to pass by to get to the next, I want to be here. Be present and savor each and every day. I love being 30 and love confidence. I’ll probably repeat my 30th birthday for a while because I love it so much!”

Q: What has being a mother taught you about yourself? How has motherhood changed you? 

Erica: “About myself, it has taught me that I am so very strong. And am responsible and so very capable of loving, defending, teaching, nurturing this beautiful little soul that my Heavenly Father entrusted me with. I love what motherhood has brought me and if it has taught me anything, it has taught me that motherhood is not one sided. Motherhood is about not only being an example but allowing my child to be an example to me. Ezra draws from me and I, him.”

Q: Where do you draw inspiration from? Who inspires you, what inspires you? 

Erica: “There’s my mom. She’s always taught me the importance of hard work and always being there to help anyone. My mom has got true grit and I’ve always been amazed by how even today in her late 70’s and my dad, now 80, she still does so much. Her and my dad adopted me as a baby and though we may look different on the outside, them being white and me black, they’ve always raised my siblings and I that love and unity is so very important. It’s more than skin and I’ve always loved that my mom and dad not only spoke of unity, but loved it and showed it on a daily basis.

I love Rachel Parcell. I first met her while I was living in Salt Lake City. I was pretty young at the time and had a job at this Italian Tuscan bistro. She came in all the time and this was before she was very big. The way she carried herself and I just couldn’t explain it, I just knew that she was someone I needed to know. She had a small blog that was just getting off the ground and to have had the pleasure of watching someone work from the ground up, having a small blog to the empire she has created today, I just look to her so much.” 

Q: What do you root your identity in? 

Erica: “I root my identity in my Savior Jesus Christ. He is the one example I try to live my life by. I’m not saying I’m striving to be perfect. I know that because of Him, he will accept me on my good days and accept me on my bad days. I can overcome any trial. It is because of him that I can give a better shot tomorrow and always. And the greatest blessing of all with being rooted in Christ is his never ending love for me. His unapologetic, unfailing, standing in my corner always kind of love. And knowing that makes life pretty beautiful.

We are all on this journey on Earth together. And so instead of tearing each other down, let’s accept people for their good and bad, because we too have our good and bad. We don’t need to tear someone down for us to get ahead. Be a lifelong learner. Be humble, be kind.”

Thanks so much for speaking with us Erica! Erica is wearing our Floral Girl tee from our Fall 2020 collection.

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Photography by Erica Sargent