Arielle Estoria Speaks Life & Spreads Light Through Her Storytelling

Speaking Life & Spreading Light, Arielle Estoria spills her magic with glitter everywhere she goes. Through her work as a Poet, Author, Speaker, Host, and Model, Arielle spreads power and love. She encourages us to recognize our inner beauty and embrace our identity. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us! Check out her profile feature to learn more about this inspirational human being, and the advice she gave us about pursuing a career in storytelling, and achieving self love.

Q: You’re an incredible storyteller. Where do you draw inspiration from while writing your poetry? Can you describe your creative writing process?

Arielle: "I don’t really have a creative ‘process,’ the only consistency in when I am showing up to write is that I am probably listening to music of some kind. I think there is creativity everywhere. The ability to be inspired comes from your ability to listen, pay attention and stay curious. I can be inspired by a conversation, a song, a sunset, the beach, my house plants or a post on Instagram. My mind is actively creating and weaving together words and metaphors. I can’t really turn it off!"

Q: What is your favorite poem you have ever written? Your favorite poem written by another author?

Arielle: "The first poem I’ve ever written and fell in love with and knew there was a deep meaning to it was 'This is for you.' And the first Spoken word I heard and LOVED was 'If I should have a Daughter' by Sarah Kay.”

Q: You recently released your newest song, “Bloom from These Tombs” which is such a powerful piece. Was especially struck by the line, “Be the fire that bends the injustice, be the shovel that digs up the weeds in our society.” Can you elaborate on the message you aim to convey through your work?

Arielle: "This specific poem is about the Racial injustice happening in our world. When I started seeing all the news about protests and the rise of frustration around the world, I wanted there to be light shedded into that conversation instead of all the negativity. The hope that these conversations, these frustrations rise and create change...that it becomes the fire that brings light to the injustices happening and that it digs up what's systematically ingrained into our society."

Q: What has been your proudest accomplishment in life?

Arielle: “So much! Releasing my self-published books in 2014 and 2017 and my EP in 2016. And recently getting married in the middle of a pandemic!"

Q: What advice would you give to aspiring creatives who are pursuing a career in writing and storytelling?

Arielle: "Keep sharing, keep putting your work out there even if it's not necessarily being seen by people yet. As long as you have one person to share with, that’s really the point of it all. Stay curious, always learning, know that the best stories and words are often birthed out of the hardest of moments. Your healing comes from writing and putting the words down on paper and maybe just maybe, the healing of others will come from sharing."

Q: You graduated from Azusa Pacific University! Do you have any favorite college memories? Any advice you would give to recent college graduates who are entering the post-grad life?

Arielle: "So many... I loved being a resident advisor for the freshman girls dorm. My residents would call me ‘mom’ and one of my favorite moments was them sitting on my couch in my room during our weekly tea-time and we were chatting. One of the girls asked, ‘How do I find value in myself’ and we had a beautiful, vulnerable conversation about self love and the journey that it takes us on and how to find who we are and how valuable we are in the process.

ADVICE: explore, experience and experiment. College is yes, about education but it also could be the most special and adventurous time of your life too. Find new things that captivate you, pursue what you are doing passionately and also know that it's okay if your life doesn't end up being how you ‘planned it,’ I promise it’ll still be really good!"

Q: What do you root your identity in?

Arielle: "I am a faith based person so first and foremost my identity is rooted in being a beloved Child of God, the creator and maker of the same hands that shaped the sun and the stars and us too. My identity is rooted in the fact that I am enough and have been equipped to fulfill what I believe I have been proposed to do on this earth."

Thank you so much for your love! Follow Arielle on Instagram and stay updated on her journey through her websiteMagic (In your bones) is a personal favorite, and the poem is available on all streaming platforms ~ 

Photography by Arielle Estoria