Michelle De La Cruz Shares About Discovering Her Identity & Staying Inspired

Michelle De La Cruz is an accomplished sales coordinator with a background in sales operations! She graduated from California State University, Long Beach with a Bachelors in Communication and Media Studies! We had the wonderful opportunity to ask her about her life and advice she would give to her younger self! Thank you so much for inspiring us with your positivity and kindness! 
Q: What would you consider to be the most valuable skill you have developed? Most valuable life lesson you have learned from your work experiences?
Michelle:  "Honestly, learning to just believe in myself and being open to trying things out of my comfort zone. Sometimes I feel discouraged or afraid of trying new things, but I’ve realized a lot of cool opportunities open up when I take those chances! And as I continue to take those opportunities, I begin to feel less anxious and more confident in myself! I’d rather try with the possibility of failing, then to regret not having the experience at all."
Q: What advice would you give to your past college self?
Michelle: "Don’t feel so pressured by time. When I was younger, I imagined myself having my life together by the age 25. I’m currently 25 and I definitely haven’t figured everything out! It’s okay to not have a plan and if you do, but doesn’t go as expected, that’s okay! People change and so do their wants and goals. While I’m still searching for my own passion and purpose, I don’t worry so much about 'running out of time.' I try to stay positive and take any/every opportunity to learn and grow by trying new things and exploring what interests me!"
Q: What has been your proudest accomplishment in life?
Michelle: "So far, I’d say graduating college and getting my bachelor’s degree! I was a full time student working two jobs. It was a lot of hard work, but I’m proud of myself for finishing!"
Q: What does “women empowerment” mean to you? Who are three women who inspire you?
Michelle: "Women empowerment means supporting and encouraging other women. It’s inspiring young girls and women to be confident in themselves and showing them what’s possible to achieve. Women empowerment is helping and uplifting women to succeed their goals and celebrating their accomplishments! I’m grateful to have been influenced by many amazing women in my life, but the three who inspire me the most are my mom, Fe, and my sisters, Rachelle and Janelle. My mom is the most selfless and patient person I know and my sisters are my best friends. Because of them, I strive to be just as independent, creative, witty, fashionable, funny, intelligent, strong, and loving as they are. I couldn’t have asked for better role models."
Q: What do you root your identity in?
Michelle: "I’m still developing my identity, but it’s mostly rooted in being a female, Filipino, daughter, sister, partner, and friend :)"
Thank you so much for answering our questions Michelle!! Michelle is wearing our Black Spots Cowl Neck Cami & Slit Satin Skirt from our Fall 2020 collection.
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