The Floral Girl Tee: Inspired by A Mother’s Love

In a continued effort to support our community, MAUBY has partnered with female illustrators in creating premium organic cotton blend stretch tees. “The Floral Girl” design is the first of 3 fall prints we will be releasing. Celebrating female illustrators of diverse backgrounds, we will share the stories of each artist and the backstory of their prints.
“The Floral Girl" is our first printed short tee. Made of organic cotton blend fabric, the shirt was designed by our Head of Sales and Merchandising at MAUBY, Carol Min. Growing up, her house was filled with floral designs that her mother would make. It was a craft that she and her mother loved doing together, and it was an outlet that provided peace and beauty. Carol continues to fill her house with flowers in beautiful vases that her mother left behind.
Carol shared more of the inspiration behind her design, “My obsession with florals stem from my mom. Floral design gave her so much peace and purpose. I loved watching her concentrate on placement and learning a new skill at an older age. She loved teaching me about it and I always went to her floral competitions and showcases. I was so proud of her and grateful for everything she taught me.”
The Floral Girl tee is available on our website now! 
Photography by MAUBY Official