Entertainment Tonight Senior Producer, Katie Krause Shares Advice For Aspiring Reporters

Katie Krause has become a prominent figure in the world of broadcasting, with her wide range of accomplishments in entertainment news. In 2009, she re-launched HollywireTV and created the original series, The Hollywire Hot Minute. She also launched and executive produced Clevver News, creating and developing an original series called The Daily Hollywood Rundown. She's currently a digital producer, host and on-air correspondent for Entertainment Tonight. We had the opportunity to ask Katie some questions of our own, to learn more about her journey and the valuable lessons she's learned in this competitive industry. Check out her profile feature below!  

Q: Do you have any favorite memories during your college years at Southern Methodist University? What campus organizations were you involved in?

Katie: “I definitely have a few favorite college memories. Probably my absolute favorite would be the day my dorm suite mates and I decorated our dorm hallway together. We were all originally from CA and felt a long way from home being in Texas. In an effort to help us each get through our home sickness and support one another we decided to make print outs of some of our favorite California spots and hung them all up. 

I was involved heavily in our school's journalism program (and was a journalism major). I worked 2-3 times a week on our morning news broadcast which means getting to our news studio at 5:45am and either producing, directing or anchoring that morning's telecast.  

I was a member of Kappa Alpha Theta and became rush chair my senior year which required a ton of effort. I lead recruitment efforts, choreographed dancers for "rush week," led weekly meetings, etc. I was also a volunteer with Relay for Life, a charity walk that thousands of students participate in once a year that helped raise funds for cancer research.”  

Q: Why did you want to become a producer and host? And what do you think are the most challenging and rewarding parts of your job? 

Katie: “I knew back in high school that this was the goal probably because I had a passion for story-telling and asking too many questions, ha!  I started a weekly news program at my high school my sophomore year that still runs to this day. 

I think the most challenging part of my job is finding ways to stand out in terms of being someone whose interviews people enjoy watching. Also -- there aren't TONS of jobs out there like mine so I always want to make myself as irreplaceable as possible. I always do my homework and try to ask innovative questions that make the subject know I care about their story while also giving viewers/ that celeb's fans something new.   

The most rewarding part IS the job though. I love doing what I do. Every day is different, every celebrity is different, every story is different. I've been having a ton of fun lately leaning into television reporting.  I essentially get to be the middleman between the actors and the fans -- getting fans all the answers they have about their beloved shows they've invested so much time into. It's incredibly rewarding and enjoyable.”  

Q: What is your favorite interview you have ever worked on? And what do you look for when booking a celebrity or creating your questions? 

Katie: “My favorite interview to this day was a 2019 Cardi B exclusive I landed myself. I had interviewed her prior and we had a fun connection. When I got to sit down with her for 20 mins on the set of a Fashion Nova campaign shoot it was exhilarating -- I find her to be such a genuine, talented and HILARIOUS woman.  

In terms of the process -- it's hard to explain!  I pride myself on always coming up with my own questions. I really just sit and think about the subject and what I would want to know and what I think their fans would be interested in hearing. I try to make sure my questions advance a story or help to show a new side of that celebrity. It's also important to me that they have fun and feel like I've done my job prior to the interview and that I'm on their side - no ‘gotcha’ moments from me though sometimes I do find it necessary to ask those harder questions.” 

Q: We really love your fashion & OOTD posts!! What 3 words would you use to describe your personal style? 

Katie: “Ohhh casual, playful and fun (sometimes with a bit of edge or a splash of girliness).”

Q: Do you have any creative hobbies? 

Katie: “I LOVE reading and anything that involves music.”

Q: What accomplishment are you most proud of?

Katie: “Probably landing my job at ET. Although I think it's important to remember your worth doesn't come from your job.  It's who you are as a person and figuring out what makes you happy.  For me it's also my family, my romantic relationship, my friends and my job and I guess I would say I'm most proud of figuring out a healthy balance and making my life MINE.” 

Q: What advice would you give to your younger self? And where would you like to see yourself in 10 years? 

Katie: “I would tell my younger self to RELAX.  Ha. I'd also remind myself that if something terrible happens that it's okay and it's NOT the end of the world... it's important to move forward and keep your head up regardless of how bad things seem.  

In 10 years I would love to be raising a family of my own and hopefully still working and doing what I love to do. Currently working on developing a few projects of my own and would love to see those come to life for the world to see.”  

Thank you so much for speaking with us! Katie is wearing our Charcoal Tie Dye Pullover from our Fall 2020 collection.

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Photography by Katie Krause