"Be Bold & Speak Up": Emmy Nominated Producer, Linda Kim On Her Secret To Success
"This is the time where I am trying to figure out who I am, what my true passions are, and what I can do to be happy."
Mel Datugan On Understanding Unconditional Love Through Motherhood & Adoption
“The biggest thing I have learned about being a mother is I now fully understand the definition behind unconditional love."
Fashion Celebrity Stylist, Lisa Cameron On Embracing Identity Through Personal Style
"It’s truly remarkable how the perfect outfit can really transform a person and bring out their personality."
Entrepreneur-turned Influencer, Chris Han On How She Turned Her Passions Into A Career Via Social Media
"Play to your strength and follow your passion. You will grow and be more successful if you develop your strengths."
Maggie Geiler, NBC News Today Show Intern Reveals The Importance Of Authentic Storytelling In Media
"The media needs people who are willing to live a life of integrity and humility for the sake of telling stories that will shape the world for the better.”
NBR Stylist & Color Specialist, Erica Sargent On Starting Her Own Business & Her Passion For NBR
"This is my life. My decisions, my rules. So having my own business is something I’ve always sought for..."
Kayla & Lisa From Soon Skincare On Starting Their Business Together From The Ground Up
"We have learned you need to be patient and know that the end goal is to come up with something amazing, knowing we were involved in every detail."
The Connected Existence Tee: Artist, Sabrina Bezerra Reevaluates The True Meaning Of Connection
"It's about how we felt about human interactions before and how we value our connections now."
Katie Krause, Host, Producer & Correspondent At ET Gives Advice For Aspiring Reporters
"Every day is different, every celebrity is different, every story is different."
How Olia Majd Left Accounting To Pursue Her True Passions In Beauty & Skincare
“I think now more than ever I have much respect for natural beauty. It's important to take care of yourself from the inside out"
Cathy Nguyen Gets Honest About YouTube, Being A Radiologic Technologist, & Becoming A Mom
"Being a mom has taught me that I am stronger, more capable & more powerful than I had previously thought possible.”
Meet Roxy, Student At The Fashion Institute Of Technology With A Passion For Fashion
"When you are unapologetically yourself is when people really start to see you for who you really are and I think that’s something so admirable.
Arielle Estoria Speaks Life & Spreads Light Through Her Storytelling
"Stay curious, always learning, know that the best stories and words are often birthed out of the hardest of moments."
Kim Strahm On Discovering Self-Confidence & Embracing Positivity
"All young women need to continually hear that they are in control of where they want to go and they have the brain to figure it out and do it!”
Sarah Van Zee On Raising Her Children & Grandchildren To Be Self-Sufficient & Successful
“My role is one of support and an advisor to help my daughter raise my granddaughter.”
Singer-Songwriter, Jennifer Chung Advocates For Female Artists & Asian-American Creatives To Be Recognized
"It's important for female artists to be recognized in the music industry because equality is still something we have to fight for in all industries."
Photographer & Creator Of Frida Enamorada, Kary Celebrates Moments Of Authenticity & Life
"I consider my photography to be natural and organic. I really love to capture the real moments of life."
Meet Alexandra Lamas, Mental Health Advocate & Creator of Faces Behind Illness
"Faces Behind Illness exists to accomplish the hard fight in eliminating stigma and supporting those that deserve to put a face behind their illness."
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