Tara & Mandi of Living Rosa On Breaking The Stigma Of The “Normal” Family
“There has been no better feeling than putting a smile on someone's face simply by being ourselves.”
Jen Chae On Defying Beauty Standards & Embracing Identity: At Home with From Head To Toe
“You’re capable, you’re smart enough, and strong enough. And you can reach more people by being imperfect than you can by being someone else.”
“Be Present”: Rakia Reynolds Shares Advice As A Mother & Entrepreneur
“I am a mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend, Black woman, business owner, creator, and much more. All these roles are aspects and essential parts of my identity and together, give me passion and energy to live life to the fullest extent while dreaming of more.”
Celebrating Motherhood With TikTok Sensation Jane Park Kang
“Motherhood has revealed to me so many of my own shortcomings, but also my immense capacity to love another person.”
From a Vision to a Brand: 4 Asian-American Founders Share Their Journeys
Embracing failure, staying persistent, & leaning on community. Learn how each of these women created their brands from the ground up.
Journalist, Erika Lee Advocates For More Asian American Representation In News
“I can push for more of our stories to be told accurately and fairly, I can highlight the things we are doing, and I am able to be an example for other Asian Americans to see that they can do the news as well.”
Celebrity Fashion Stylist Erin Noël On Using Style As Her Creative Outlet & Personal Reflection
“My client's confidence in each look is the most important part of my job, if they aren't confident then I have not succeeded.”
How A Rental Camera Turned Into A Career: Monique Serra On Chasing Her Dreams
“I have worked really hard to make my brand less about my editing and my style, and more about my heart, my passion for photography, and my desire to serve others.”
The Braids Tee: Artist, Michelle R. D’Urbano Illustrates The Feelings Of Tenderness & Care Within Sisterhood
“Doing each other's hair evokes a feeling of soothing tenderness and bonding with particular focus on Black women because hair has very deep cultural roots.”
“Never Lose Your Curiosity”: Christina Cho On Living With Purpose
“Don’t stay in a company or team where you see a ceiling in your growth or doubt the integrity of the leadership or business.”
Lifestyle Blogger, Lavenda On The Power Of Fashion & Motherhood
"Fashion is a physical expression of the stories we tell ourselves and others, an emotional landscape that we get to reveal or hide aspects of ourselves within.”

Jasmine Jade On Discovering Self-Confidence & Individuality Through Modeling
“Finding ways to accept who I am, and realizing that who I am is mostly what lies in my choices.”
"Know My Worth & Value": Heather Martin Shares The Power Of Self-Conviction
"No one can give us our worth and value, we must claim it as our own."
"Be Bold & Speak Up": Emmy Nominated Producer, Linda Kim On Her Secret To Success
"This is the time where I am trying to figure out who I am, what my true passions are, and what I can do to be happy."
Mel Datugan On Understanding Unconditional Love Through Motherhood & Adoption
“The biggest thing I have learned about being a mother is I now fully understand the definition behind unconditional love."
Fashion Celebrity Stylist, Lisa Cameron On Embracing Identity Through Personal Style
"It’s truly remarkable how the perfect outfit can really transform a person and bring out their personality."
Entrepreneur-turned Influencer, Chris Han On Turning Her Passions Into A Career Via Social Media
"Play to your strength and follow your passion. You will grow and be more successful if you develop your strengths."
NBC News Today Show Intern, Maggie Geiler On The Importance Of Authentic Storytelling In Media
"The media needs people who are willing to live a life of integrity and humility for the sake of telling stories that will shape the world for the better.”
NBR Stylist & Color Specialist, Erica Sargent On Starting Her Own Business & Her Passion For NBR
"This is my life. My decisions, my rules. So having my own business is something I’ve always sought for..."
Kayla & Lisa From Soon Skincare On Starting Their Business Together From The Ground Up
"We have learned you need to be patient and know that the end goal is to come up with something amazing, knowing we were involved in every detail."
The Connected Existence Tee: Artist, Sabrina Bezerra Reevaluates The True Meaning Of Connection
"It's about how we felt about human interactions before and how we value our connections now."