"Know My Worth & Value": Heather Martin Shares The Power Of Self-Conviction

Today's profile feature is on Heather Martin, a Reiki Master Teacher & Meditation Guide, as well as former Corporate Fashion Buyer. She shared about her journey and the life lessons she has learned. Check out her profile feature below! 

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself! 

Heather: “Hi! Well, I’m originally from Portland Oregon however I call Los Angeles my home. I feel like I’ve lived everywhere here because I’ve now been here for so long. I started a career in Corporate Fashion Buying, where I stayed for over 15 years. I am now within the wellness community as a Reiki Master Teacher and Meditation Guide.”

Q: Can you share with us how you were introduced to Reiki and your journey to becoming a Reiki Master? 

Heather: “My first introduction to Reiki Energy Healing was when my beloved dog Smokey was diagnosed with bone cancer. It would be several years after his passing that I would begin my personal journey with Reiki. One of my best friends, Kelsey J Patel, was involved with Reiki and suggested I begin with level one. I started Reiki to heal myself. I was experiencing fears and behaviors that I knew were unhealthy and Reiki helped to ease my mind. As I finished Reiki one, I knew I wanted to continue with Reiki Two. The second level was the hardest for me, it took me almost a year to complete because of my own resistance to it. However, once I finished that level, I was determined to help others so I continued with levels Reiki Master and Reiki Master Teacher. Reiki and Meditation have taught me to have a deeper sense of love, compassion, gratitude and patience with myself and others.” 

Q: You’re a part of  “Super Healing” - a collective group of healers and teachers, all women. What does women empowerment mean to you? 

Heather: “Empowering women is why I began my career in Fashion, so to now see this come full circle within the healing arts is truly exceptional. Supporting other women is extremely important to me. I’ve seen my friends get torn down by other women and I’ve had my own experiences with women who deliberately acted in a way that harmed me. I’m a believer, when we lift each other up and praise one another as a community of women, there is a spiritual energy to that movement. I’m so honored to be part of the “Super Healing” group. They hold such beauty, support, strength and gifts as women.”

Q: Do you have any creative hobbies? 

Heather: “I just recently started to dabble in voiceover acting by creating a few reels. It’s something I haven’t done in many years and I still love it. I’ve also just begun re-inventing my home space, which is back to that merchandising/buying piece of myself.”

Q: What are some of your favorite spots in Oregon and Los Angeles to go to for inspiration? 

Heather: “My favorite spaces in Oregon are either covered with horses or water. I love the drive from Portland to the Oregon coastline. There is so much land, open space and nature. I get inspired when I’m around a very natural, peaceful and relaxed vibe. In Los Angeles, I am inspired by Malibu and all the nature as well as that Hollywood sign. Sometimes, I just like to look into the hillside to see it. There is something that  simply resonates with me about that sign. People’s hopes, dreams, loves and passions, I can really feel that energy.”  

Q: What are the most valuable life lessons you have learned? 

Heather: “One of my biggest life lessons is to know my worth and value as an individual. To believe in myself, to trust my higher source and to feel with conviction my worth and value. No one can give us our worth and value, we must claim it as our own.”  

Q: Favorite advice you like to give? 

Heather: “I firmly believe in the line, ‘We teach people how to treat us.’ What we feel about ourselves manifests itself in our outward life and those individuals included in our energetic space.” 

Q: What do you root your identity in? 

Heather: “Love. Love is at the root of everything I speak or action on. Don’t get me wrong, there are times when I have to take a beat, think before I speak or do something in  order to ensure I’m coming from a place of understanding, compassion and at the root, love. I believe we are all, at the root of our core, love.”

Heather is wearing our Black Spots Slit Satin Skirt from our Fall 2020 collection. Connect with Heather through her socials: @heathermartins

Photography by Heather Martin