Tara & Mandi of Living Rosa On Breaking The Stigma Of The “Normal” Family

We had the pleasure of connecting with Tara who runs the channel @livingrosa with her wife Mandi. Together, they share glimpses of their life with four kids and hope to empower others through their own experiences. The couple recently celebrated their 7 year wedding anniversary and their page is all about breaking the stigma of the “normal” family. To learn more about their journey, check out their feature below! 

Q: Tell us a bit about yourselves! 

Tara: “We are Tara and Mandi better known on the internet as Living Rosa. We've been proudly married for 7 years with 4 amazing children. We have also been sharing our journey to/through motherhood since 2014. Our online presence is used to show others just how regular we are! Our family may seem a little different because we have 2 moms, but people are surprised by just how relatable our family is to their own. The core value behind every family, no matter what they look like, is always LOVE. It has been an honor to open the hearts of many struggling parents, to the idea of their children being gay. By seeing the example of our family, they can picture a happy future for their own child. Additionally, there has been no better feeling than putting a smile on someone's face simply by being ourselves. Our little nook on the internet is a home for all and helps people feel less alone.”

Q: Your page is all about breaking the stigma of the “normal” family. What have been the biggest lessons you’ve learned in your journey to do so? 

Tara: “I think a lot of what we show online is what I wish that I would have seen while I was struggling with my innerself over been gay. I've always known that I wanted to have children and become a Mom. It was a dream that I wasn't willing to give up. But I would be lying if I said that I wasn't afraid of what it would look like for myself and my future children if I ended up with a woman. ‘The fear of the unknown’ is a good way to put it. Now looking at my family, I couldn't imagine it any other way. We are each other's biggest supporters, ‘Team Rosa’.  So I guess the biggest lesson I've learned from breaking the stigma of the "normal" family is that... There is no such thing as a normal family. Your family is your normal... it will always have similarities and differences to other families and that is okay!” 

Q: How have you navigated your marriage while sharing about life online? 

Tara: “Sharing your life online is tricky! You want to be relatable, transparent and true to yourself. But there is also a very thin line. For us, we always make sure that we have each other's backs. This goes for both our online presence and day to day life. We are a team. We never post things that make each other or our kids feel uncomfortable. We try to bring as much positive light to our online space even during life's hard times.” 

Q: What has being a mother taught you both about yourselves? Has motherhood changed you? 

Tara: “Motherhood has changed us in so many ways. The beauty of it is that we grew into mothers together and we balance each other out perfectly. Motherhood has taught me to enjoy the small moments in life, because they are often the most important. Motherhood has taught me how to be selfless. It has given me more courage to speak up for what I believe in. Motherhood has made me into a better version of myself because I want to be the best role model for our children.” 

Q: Do you each have a favorite video you’ve ever posted on your YouTube channel? 

Tara: “My favorite videos are always a yearly tribute video to my mother that we do each year on her birthday. She passed away when I was 23 and these videos bring me so much joy. Here is this year's video. Mandi's favorite videos are a toss up between our children's birth vlogs or Christmas morning vlogs. She enjoys watching how the kids change each Christmas and seeing what new stuff they are into over the years. Here is this past Christmas 2020 video.” 

Q: What accomplishment are you most proud of? 

Tara: “I am proud of myself for not letting my insecurities stop me from following my heart and dreams. I am proud of my marriage for being strong enough to share our world with strangers and help hundreds of people whom we don't even know. But I am most proud of my 4 girls. They will always be my favorite accomplishment. Though they're all still young they're already so strong, brave, smart, caring and stand up for what they believe in. I can't really ask for more.” 

Q: What do you root yourself in? 

Tara: “My roots are planted with my family. I believe in going above and beyond for the people whom you love. Working together so that you never have to stand alone.”

Thank you so much for speaking with us! You can follow Tara and Mandi on Instagram & YouTube @livingrosa. 

Tara is wearing the Everyday Jumpsuit in Washed Olive and Mandi is wearing the Romantic Tiered Dress in Black Iris from the Spring 2021 Collection.

Photography by @serenepicnicny and @livingrosa