Entertainment Tonight Senior Producer, Katie Krause Shares Advice For Aspiring Reporters
"Every day is different, every celebrity is different, every story is different."
How Olia Majd Left Accounting To Pursue Her Passion For Beauty & Skincare
“I think now more than ever I have much respect for natural beauty. It's important to take care of yourself from the inside out"
Cathy Nguyen Gets Honest About Her YouTube Career & Being A Mom
"Being a mom has taught me that I am stronger, more capable & more powerful than I had previously thought possible.”
Meet Roxy, Student At The Fashion Institute Of Technology With A Passion For Fashion
"When you are unapologetically yourself is when people really start to see you for who you really are and I think that’s something so admirable.
Arielle Estoria Speaks Life & Spreads Light Through Her Storytelling
"Stay curious, always learning, know that the best stories and words are often birthed out of the hardest of moments."
Kim Strahm On Discovering Self-Confidence & Embracing Positivity
"All young women need to continually hear that they are in control of where they want to go and they have the brain to figure it out and do it!”
Sarah Van Zee On Raising Her Children & Grandchildren To Be Self-Sufficient & Successful
“My role is one of support and an advisor to help my daughter raise my granddaughter.”
Singer-Songwriter, Jennifer Chung Advocates For Female Artists & Asian-American Creatives To Be Recognized
"It's important for female artists to be recognized in the music industry because equality is still something we have to fight for in all industries."
Photographer & Creator Of Frida Enamorada, Kary Celebrates Moments Of Authenticity & Life
"I consider my photography to be natural and organic. I really love to capture the real moments of life."
Meet Alexandra Lamas, Mental Health Advocate & Creator of Faces Behind Illness
"Faces Behind Illness exists to accomplish the hard fight in eliminating stigma and supporting those that deserve to put a face behind their illness."
Golden Hour Glow: MAUBY Moments With Our Faux Suede
Capture your own moment with MAUBY.
The Floral Girl Tee: Inspired by A Mother’s Love
Celebrating female illustrators of diverse backgrounds.
How Studying Abroad In Italy Helped Grace Constable Discover Happiness
"It helped me learn what truly drives me to be happy in this world.”
Mingi Choi Exemplifies The Beauty & Power of Motherhood
"I hope to raise rebels and pioneers."
Michelle De La Cruz Shares About Discovering Her Identity & Staying Inspired
"I'm still developing my identity, but it's mostly rooted in being a female, Filipino, daughter, sister, partner, and friend."
Storyteller Extraordinaire, Amanda Suk On Staying Creative & Embracing The Unknown
"Focus on what you do know and have rather than what you don't when you're exploring."
Meet Sarah Leaman, Artistic Genius & Co-Founder of ANONA Studio in Brooklyn

"Don't try to be everything for everyone. Focus on your strengths and when you can, partner up with people who compliment your weaknesses."

Cynthia Uncovers Learning To Love Her Imperfections & Be Comfortable In Her Own Skin

"Being Chinese, I grew up having a love/hate relationship with my tan skin, but learning to love your imperfections and feeling comfortable and confident in our own skin is all a part of life’s beautiful journey.”

Meet Carol Min, The Korean American Woman Who Founded MAUBY

"When I hire interns or assistants my hope is that they’ll surpass me in this field someday. I want to be a stepping stone in helping them get to that point."