How Studying Abroad In Italy Helped Grace Constable Discover Happiness

Grace Constable is an incoming senior at UCLA majoring in communications with a minor in film. Her campus involvements include being a Co-Senior Editor for the UCLA chapter of Her Campus, and she is a writer/model for FAST (Fashion and Student Trends). She shared with us about her experience studying abroad in Italy, and how she was able to discover what she is passionate about through her travels!

"I will forever view my study abroad experience as the best thing I ever did for myself. Studying abroad completely changed my perspective on the world and forced me to reevaluate what really makes me happy in this life. I studied in Florence, Italy with two of my best friends, and not a day has gone by since I left in December where I haven’t thought about the city. During my time there, I got to travel around Europe and see close to twenty new cities - half of which were in Italy - and each one left me with memories and experiences that shaped me into the person I am today. Studying abroad helped me discover what I was really passionate about, which is fashion. And it illuminated the path I now hope to take toward starting my future career. I learned so much in my four months traveling, and every day I think about when and how I can finally get back. If you have the opportunity to study abroad at some point in college (once it’s safe again)- you must take it!! Traveling abroad not only helped me invigorate my ambition, but it helped me learn what truly drives me to be happy in this world, and I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything.” 

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Photography by Grace Constable