Meet Carol Min, The Korean American Woman Who Founded MAUBY

We are so excited to formally introduce Carol Min, the Brand Founder and Head of Sales and Merchandising at MAUBY. A Philly-native, Carol has been working in fashion for the past decade, both in New York and Los Angeles. Carol created our brand, MAUBY with the hope of empowering others, encouraging diversity, and generating positive movements of kindness. We had the chance to ask a few questions to learn more about her:

Q: Why did you choose a career in fashion?

Carol:My mom had been a fashion designer and gone to art school but never fully got to make that her career. Growing up we would go shopping every weekend and she taught me so much about merchandising, prints, quality, and pricing. She was basically giving me an education in fashion and I loved it so much. I knew that after college I wanted to be in a creative field that worked with fashion.”

Q: Favorite advice you like to give?

Carol:“Always invest in the future generation! My most memorable moments were when I was a student and a lot of my mentors spent extra hours teaching me about their industry and helping me figure out what my passions were. Many years later we’re now peers in the same industry and I’m still learning a lot from them but I’m also helping provide insight in newer technology and trends. When I hire interns or assistants my hope is that they’ll surpass me in this field someday. I want to be a stepping stone in helping them get to that point.”

Q: Favorite restaurants/eateries?

Carol: “Hippo, Triple Beam, Black Hogg (pre-marinated meat delivery), Joy on York and Kobawoo.”

Q: Any fun facts?

Carol: ​“When I was little, I was originally right-handed but I wanted to be just like my sister and switched to left. Needless to say, I have the worst handwriting.”

Carol is passionate about being kind and giving back to others. Thank you for being our fearless leader and role model, our team at MAUBY is so thankful for you! Carol is wearing our Relaxed Jacquard Sweater from our Fall 2020 collection.